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Who’s Loving You? Finding self-fulfillment on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

“If I’m not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me? - Dr. Maya Angelou

It seems as though as soon as the Christmas decorations left the isles of a store I frequent, the space was quickly replaced by an overabundance of gift giving ideas for the pending Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The bright red and pink balloons, the oversized gift cards, heart shaped chocolates and the plethora of stuffed animals holding flowers in their mouth can be triggering and uncomfortable to many who are single and feel alone during this time of the year. This very commercialized holiday is hard to escape. However, being unattached to a significant other doesn’t mean you have to be alone or feel lonely.

Consider these ways of loving on YOU! Change your frame of mind, try to avoid getting stuck into the stinking thinking pattern of feeling less than, instead reframe your thought pattern. Revisit The 5 Love Languages Quiz remind yourself how you feel loved and appreciated, then do those things for yourself. For example, if your Love Language is Receiving Gifts, buy yourself a box of chocolates or a new outfit, if your Love Language is Quality Time, spend time with yourself binge watching that Netflix series you’ve been putting off. Maybe your Love Language is Acts of Service, consider having your car cleaned or detailed, or going getting a mani/pedi. If your Love Language is Physical Touch, a full body or chair massage will get the job done. Finally, if your Love Language is Words of Affirmation, review past text messages, social media post, or emails from friends and loved ones that remind of how great you are!

Loving, validating and honoring yourself are the foundational tools to cultivating a life that is self-fulfilling and provides the tools to find contentment on Valentine’s Day and beyond. These tools can be beneficial whether you are single or partnered.

Be Well

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