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What a Time to Be Alive

Recently during a telehealth therapy session via video a client said “there is no one alive that has experienced anything like this”, referring to the recent COVID 19 crisis. However in just under a month the entire nation has been a witness to a collective experience. An experience that has forced most of us to stretch ourselves in ways we didn’t know we even could. We have learned to do more with less, we have de-cluttered our spaces, we have waved to our neighbors (with a six foot distance) on daily walks, we have spent more time with ourselves and our loved ones. Hell, I even made a lemon cake, pulled out and used my weighted hula hoop, called my 85 year old grandmother and finished an Audible book all in one day. The adjustment to this new normal does not differentiate between gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, age or class. I have learned more about the leadership of my elected officials and the strength of my community. My ever changing emotions including fear, anxiety and hope have been matched not only in my zip code but has been felt globally. I feel more connected to a common purpose and goal with other humans than I did prior to our #Quarantine. For the first time in my 40 plus years on this earth, I am able to say that I have a shared experience with someone so vastly different from me without a like or a mention. I am not naive enough to think that all the evils of the world have been eradicated because of a Pandemic, in fact quite the contrary. However, if we arrive on the other side of this (and we will) wiser, kinder, healthier and stronger, I’m optimistic to say, What a time to be Alive! Take care ya’ll!

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