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Quieting March Madness

The madness of Sundays that come with prepping for the work and school week ahead can be unsettling and stressful. March 1st, 2020 boasted a spring like 60 degrees in my town of Louisville, KY. The warm air seemed to take the recent busyness of hustle and bustling in the crisp winter air slow down. I could feel the warmth of the sun in the dark interior of my car that seemed to wrap me like a hug from my grandmother as I drove home from my nearby big box store. Once in the house, this sensation continued. I could see the striking bright red Cardinal that flew up to my deck to nibble from the feeder, not far away was his partner, her red not as striking but still intriguing. I could hear the thud of the basketball and sneakers hitting the driveway pavement as the neighborhood children abandoning their electronics to talk smack and work off energy that has been dormant since November. I lit my Fresh Linen scented candle and smelled an aroma that took me right back to learning to hang clothes on the line during my youthful summers down South in Mississippi. Finally I decided to taste just a bite of the lemon pound cake that was just sweet and tangy enough to encourage me to finish the entire slice. That’s when I realized that I had willed myself to serenity and calmness by practicing Grounding Techniques that were pretty easily accessible. Once I was able to declutter my mind and destress my body, my transition to complete the reminder of the task for the evening seemed a little less daunting. As we are preparing to transition to a new season, file our taxes and lose an hour of sleep, but gain more daylight consider practicing the 5,4,3,2,1 method to ground your anxious thoughts and create peace. Give it a try. Be Well!

5 Things You Can See

4 Things You Can Touch

3 Things You Can Hear

2 Things You Can Smell

1 Thing You Can Taste

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